“King Of The World”

KanareK-King Of The World  In reflection over the past couple of weeks, I am struck by the power of intuition and how easy it is to ignore or deny the existence of this powerful sub conscious message laden force. So much of what I wrote, composed, painted etc. was telling me who I was, where I was, what I would need to get through, but it all fell on the deaf ears of it’s very creator! I became the poster boy of “Irony”. Incredible. I’ll get it back again and listen intently. OBSERVE, ABSORB LISTEN. I need to feel like I am King Of The World, even if it’s just for a minute. Love and more to share…..be well, and be in the NOW. I’m trying my best to be present…….peace…….MK

And sometimes………..

©Marvin Kanarek and Sometimes

You have to be in the now. Not the future, not the past. just the NOW!! And sometimes you just have to cry. Sometimes you just have to stop trying so hard to be strong and JUST be strong! Sometimes you need to embrace the fear to kill the fright. sometimes you just have to accept that fear is normal. it’s all life and the cliches do bring comfort and guidance and direction because they have evolved from simple truths. Continue reading

Observe, Absorb & Listen!

© Marvin Kanarek

It is down to these three words that have more meaning to me now than ever before. More pragmatic ‘real life details coming. I’ve been reflecting a lot. It’s not the end, I’m just starting to figure out where I am on this journey. When I realize there’s another day of choices, decisions, interactions, freedom, I feel a lightness………..peace……M

Every minute Zen

Zen Circle

Yes, I am definitely inside my head right now more than I have ever been in my life! Lots of conversations with myself. But,leaving the inner sanctum and  taking a look around at my surroundings I am loving the fact that I can still express myself. I am still free to make decisions. Nothing is definitive yet. I love my two feline beings. I love my friends and sister and brother.. I love my drums. I love the peacefulness of my temporary guest house. I love the thought of the future music and paintings that are patiently waiting on the runway to take off from Kanarek Intergalactic! I love the strong coffee I am drinking. Continue reading

The Test and the Ordeal

the Ordeal

Yesterday, was a very big day for me and my two wonderful, patient  and courageous friends Rick and Ginger. MRI Day! For a person who does not suffer from claustrophobia or extreme panic attacks this incredible borderline sci-fi procedure could be an adventure. For me it was the ultimate test of Olympian proportions! My typing palms get clammy just remembering those interminable 40-45 minutes! Normally, there was a prescription for sedatives waiting for me. Well, normal is not this situation or the associated events. Yes, I have softened my vitriol towards everything that I felt was and probably still is wrong with America. I am being helped and treated for my situation through the social security and Medicare system. Continue reading

The Raison d’etre of this Site

© Marvin Kanarek

This is a journal I never thought I would have to write. Normally my thoughts are the domain of fountain pens and drawing pens and flowing ink becoming sketches words and thoughts waxing philiosophic in that enigmatic artspeak way. All that changed for me New Years Day, Sunday January 1st, 2012! The appropriate cliche my “world and life” would never be the same again” is stinging ,succinct and accurate.

Continue reading