And sometimes………..

©Marvin Kanarek and Sometimes

You have to be in the now. Not the future, not the past. just the NOW!! And sometimes you just have to cry. Sometimes you just have to stop trying so hard to be strong and JUST be strong! Sometimes you need to embrace the fear to kill the fright. sometimes you just have to accept that fear is normal. it’s all life and the cliches do bring comfort and guidance and direction because they have evolved from simple truths.

Life IS what YOU make of it. There is NO death sentence here. it IS a LIFE affirmation sentence and again, I am NOT religious BUT this IS a BLESSING and an opportunity!! I will NOW cry and celebrate my strength for a little. Think about those I love, miss, have hurt, have helped, and have to eliminate through forgiveness. I do have plans and a vision,and will have and complete them for as long as I’m here for.

I am NOT ILL or SICK. I have been put on another path-journey. I am accepting, enjoying, learning,sharing from here. Sounds like a great path to be on, doesn’t it?…….love, peace, be in the present, it’s where everything IS. The past and future are illusion

2 thoughts on “And sometimes………..

  1. What a vibrant, bouncing post you’ve written. I feel like a whining schlub! Which is good, cause I am. Great to see you writing more Marv. I hope to see more no more! xox. Barb

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