General Updates,


Haven’t been too active here but I am in the midst of replanning the rest of me life. Besides dealing with treatments etc, which are basically over, I am trying to get myself to that good peaceful place for the healing. it’s been a challenging two weeks, but I’m doing allright. I’ll do a decent update soon , all of you be well,,,,,,,,,peace MK


4 thoughts on “General Updates,

  1. Wishing you Peace, Health, Renewal, Abundance and some Good old fashioned FUN in the near future Marv!
    Your friend

  2. HI Marvin!
    Much water has flowed since we last saw one another (I think it might have been 1991 in Cannes?)
    Sending you health and smiles and best of healing from Humboldt County…
    Love & Peace
    John C. =0)

  3. Hey Marv,

    I heard about your illness during my trip to France this summer. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering, and if you remember our last conversation you will remember your contribution to my life.
    I am not surprised that you are turning this whole shitty experience into a work of inspiration and I thank you for it.
    Wishing you less pain and more joy,


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