Marvin Chemo Therapy Fund

Early Marvin

Marvin needs a very specialized type of targeted therapy testing to determine which treatment is the most efficient. It is a personalized protocol where the cancer cells are tested against several different chemicals. The Laboratory is the  Wiesenthal Cancer Group in California

Our family has contributed what we could. We are still needing $3500 USD.

Please pass this around to anyone who knew or knows Marvin Kanarek:

Marvin Kanarek Fund for his Chemo Therapy Treatment:

Total Required:  $3500,00 USD. 

Wiesenthal Cancer Group

16512 Burke Lane
Huntington Beach
Ca. 92647
Tel: + 1 714 596 2100
e-mail address for Julie in Billing Department:
Speak to Julie in Billing and please mention it is for Marvin Kanarek and ask what balance is owing. As the amount will diminish as people contribute.
They accept Visa and Mastercard.
*You may also do a bank transfer by calling Julie. She will provide the Swift-IBAN number
Bless You and Thank You All
Marvin’s Familly

Marv Self Portrait

Traduction Française
Marvin a besoin d’analyses très spéciales “targeted therapy” pour déterminer le traitement de chimiothérapie le plus adapté à son cas. Ce protocol personnalisé permet de tester en laboratoire les différents traitements chimiques sur les cellules cancéreuses prélevées lors de la dernière opération au cerveau que Marvin a subi cet été. Le laboratoire qui effectue les tests est le Laboratoire Wiesenthal Cancer Group en Californie.

Ces tests ne sont pas pris en charge par la couverture maladie. Notre famille a contribué jusqu’à ce jour, et n’avons d’autre choix que de faire appel à la donation pour financer le complément de 3500 USD, afin que les tests puissent reprendre.

Merci de faire circuler cette note auprès de tous ceux qui ont connu ou connaissent Marvin Kanarek

Nous avons besoin d’atteindre la somme de 3500,00 USD.

Fonds pour le traitement par chimiothérapie de Marvin Kanarek:

Weisenthal Cancer Group
16512 Burke Lane
Huntington Beach
Ca. 92647
Tel: + 1 714 596 2100

adresse e-mail pour Julie du Département Comptabilité:

Mettez-vous en contact avec Julie du service comptabilité et indiquez bien qu’il s’agit de tests pour Marvin Kanarek. Comme le montant diminuera à mesure que les gens contribuent, demandez systématiquement le solde restant à payer.
Ils acceptent les cartes Visa et Mastercard.

Vous pouvez également faire un virement bancaire en appelant Julie. Elle fournira le numéro de Swift-IBAN

Merci à tous pour votre mobilisation et pour Marvin.

Marvin’s Familly

5 thoughts on “Marvin Chemo Therapy Fund

  1. Yo, Marvin/Moishe!
    Just came across your blog…I was the “reggae singer” with whom you created those tracks back in 1990 with C. Fall & Jackie Bobrowsky. maybe you remember me from our trip to Midem 1991 & a brief stay at Benjamin’s in Paris (Hi Ben, hope you’re still shooting phenominal photos!)…
    Anyway, I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1988 (“Wow! you’ve got the same blood workup as a 70 year old terminal cancer patient we just saw!” Nice news! Thanks!)
    And today I’m preparing to return to the northern Indian Himalayas where I’ve got an Indian non-profit in action, sharing holistic health and accelerated self-healing skills to Tibetan buddhist nuns and monks and local Indian villagers…(I love the place it’s like a combo of Maui & Tahoe-Tahoe with papaya, mango & banana trees.)
    And the main message is that you can do it (i.e. heal yourself.)! Thanks for keeping the vibe up and for being creative.
    May you be happy & healthy.
    (I think happy might come first.)
    Peace & Love
    John C. =0)

  2. Cher Marvin,
    Where may I call you, and on what number ?
    Jp just forward me this link. Please let me know, we are all thinking of you here, JP, Joseph, and the daguerre neighborhood, not to mention the JP band that you were part of !

  3. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Remember Mackenzie, remember grade12. What fun we had. I don’t know about you but I never ever paid attention in class how could I with Marvin kanarek and Greg Hershoff in the room!! Lots of love. Miss Debbie

  4. Dear Marv,
    It seems that it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do; you are always bringing people together for a good cause. God Bless you Marvin Kanarek.
    I pray that all the love and forgiveness you have given – comes back to you tenfold! And with it full and complete healing!!

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