UPDATE for The Marvin Kanarek Urgently Needs Sutent Cancer Fighting Drug Fund


Sutent Update

We wanted to bring everyone up to date that we have collected $1360.00 towards the needed towards the goal of $9162.00

All donations are anonymous

Thank You

Here is the recap:

Marvin Kanarek urgently needs a Cancer drug called Sutent. The initial regimen is 14 days on 7 days off for 4 cycles i.e. a total of 56 (25mg) pills, which will make a total of 2 bottles of Sutent. Each bottle is very expensive and costs $4,581.00 USD.

He will need 2 bottles which is 56 (25mg) tablets which is a total of $9162.00 USD.

The Pharmacy that supplies the Hospital has accepted a fund raising drive, where donors pay what they can and when the 1st bottle has been paid for i.e. $4,581.00 USD, they will contact the administrating Doctor Dr.Wiesman to commence the Chemo Therapy using the Sutent. When the second $4581.00 USD has been paid they will continue the therapy. It is important that the most time off is one week between each 14 day cycle x 4. 

Total Needed: $9162.00 USD.

We have arranged for the Pharmacy to accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal Payments

Those wishing to donate may do so by calling:

2010 Transplant Pharmacy

2010 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles,

CA 90057

E-Mail: 2010pharmacy@gmail.com

Phone: 213 483 5910

Fax: 213 483 5913

Please Ask for the Pharmacist Ms. Queency Abad 

Once the total has been close to being reached the last donor will be informed of the fact if what they are donating is above and beyond the balance owing and will be asked to pay the exact balance payment.Marvin Kanarek is presently in the St.Vincent Medical Center
2131 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles
00 1 213 484-7111
00 1 213 484-7791


Thank You for your understanding and kindness.

The Kanarek Family

5 thoughts on “UPDATE for The Marvin Kanarek Urgently Needs Sutent Cancer Fighting Drug Fund

  1. 11/09/2012
    Sorry to hear about your health. I wish you wellness my old friend.
    I called the Hospital and they said you were discharged on 11/08. Call me sometime 505-699-5179 or post your phone #. Your first bottle is all paid for, so you can begin your treatment.

    Much Love,


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