8 thoughts on “Marvin Kanarek RIP January 18 1947- December 19 2012

  1. Everyone should have a friend like Marv, you’d never be lonely or bored. There is a huge space missing down here, but we’ll meet again.

  2. Marv was one of my oldest friends.
    I am deeply sorry that I hadn’t kept in touch with him over the years.
    It is my great loss. My deepest condolences to Benjamin and all his family.

  3. My heartfelt condolences to Marvin’s brother and sister, and to all those who loved this gorgeous soul My beloved brother-in-law Denis passed away as a result of this monster disease in August, Sutent was also useless. The pain is often unbearable, Christmas coming at my family like a mack truck.

    Marvin was a beautiful, kind, funny soul. I will miss him.


  4. Gutted! That’s the only way to describe the feeling. There is a hole in my torso that feels bigger than my torso!
    My eyes have constantly filled with tears for the past hour.
    The only good thing is that Marv’s suffering is over.
    I’m gonna miss you, sir! You made my life that little bit richer.
    Rest in peace, my friend.

  5. When i was diagnosed with a life threatning disease 2 yrs back and Marv found out, he would call me at home with support and kindness, he had other friends of his who had been through what i was going through and survived, call me and let me know the difficult road that was ahead. I never requested this, he just did it, the gentle soul.. After recently coming off 43 weeks of chemo and I am cured, I am sure Marv’s positive attitude help me survive, I wish I could have done the same for Marv…..Let us have a toast to a brilliant drummer, artist and loyal friend, he left footprints on my heart, and I will think about him every time i sit behind a drum kit……….

  6. Marv, I never did get to see ‘Pond’ with you ;-(
    Thank you for reaching out, and your huge kindness during my loss. I was a big fan of your artwork.
    So happy you made it to my gallery soiree at my place with Michele and Ian.
    So many memories through the years. I imagine you are painting up the town.
    Blessings brother. You are missed. xo Fran

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