The Marvin Kanarek Urgently Needs Sutent Cancer Fighting Drug Fund

Sutent 25 mg

Marvin Kanarek urgently needs a Cancer drug called Sutent. The initial regimen is 14 days on 7 days off for 4 cycles i.e. a total of 56 (25mg) pills, which will make a total of 2 bottles of Sutent. Each bottle is very expensive and costs $4,581.00 USD.

He will need 2 bottles which is 56 (25mg) tablets which is a total of $9162.00 USD.

The Pharmacy that supplies the Hospital has accepted a fund raising drive, where donors pay what they can and when the 1st bottle has been paid for i.e. $4,581.00 USD, they will contact the administrating Doctor Dr.Wiesman to commence the Chemo Therapy using the Sutent. When the second $4581.00 USD has been paid they will continue the therapy. It is important that the most time off is one week between each 14 day cycle x 4. 

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Marvin Chemo Therapy Fund

Early Marvin

Marvin needs a very specialized type of targeted therapy testing to determine which treatment is the most efficient. It is a personalized protocol where the cancer cells are tested against several different chemicals. The Laboratory is the  Wiesenthal Cancer Group in California

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the long silence and side trips. Yes, it has been awhile since I’ve added another post to this journal.


One of my biggest fears is large quantities of verbal spillage without much substance. My second greatest fear is to come across pompous and pontificating. this is such a personal and sometimes painful journey and  don’t want to build this feeling of exclusivity and that you couldn’t possibly understand unless you are part of the big “C” club! Continue reading

Every minute Zen

Zen Circle

Yes, I am definitely inside my head right now more than I have ever been in my life! Lots of conversations with myself. But,leaving the inner sanctum and  taking a look around at my surroundings I am loving the fact that I can still express myself. I am still free to make decisions. Nothing is definitive yet. I love my two feline beings. I love my friends and sister and brother.. I love my drums. I love the peacefulness of my temporary guest house. I love the thought of the future music and paintings that are patiently waiting on the runway to take off from Kanarek Intergalactic! I love the strong coffee I am drinking. Continue reading

The Raison d’etre of this Site

© Marvin Kanarek

This is a journal I never thought I would have to write. Normally my thoughts are the domain of fountain pens and drawing pens and flowing ink becoming sketches words and thoughts waxing philiosophic in that enigmatic artspeak way. All that changed for me New Years Day, Sunday January 1st, 2012! The appropriate cliche my “world and life” would never be the same again” is stinging ,succinct and accurate.

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