The Marvin Kanarek Urgently Needs Sutent Cancer Fighting Drug Fund

Sutent 25 mg

Marvin Kanarek urgently needs a Cancer drug called Sutent. The initial regimen is 14 days on 7 days off for 4 cycles i.e. a total of 56 (25mg) pills, which will make a total of 2 bottles of Sutent. Each bottle is very expensive and costs $4,581.00 USD.

He will need 2 bottles which is 56 (25mg) tablets which is a total of $9162.00 USD.

The Pharmacy that supplies the Hospital has accepted a fund raising drive, where donors pay what they can and when the 1st bottle has been paid for i.e. $4,581.00 USD, they will contact the administrating Doctor Dr.Wiesman to commence the Chemo Therapy using the Sutent. When the second $4581.00 USD has been paid they will continue the therapy. It is important that the most time off is one week between each 14 day cycle x 4. 

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…Marvin’s Chemo Therapy Targeted Testing Fund Goal Reached

Thank You

All We wish to say is Thank You, Thank You…Thank You…

The Chemo Therapy Targeted Testing Fund Goal has been reached!

Now all we need is to say some prayers and hope that the therapies determined using this protocol works…

Marvin Chemo Therapy Fund

Early Marvin

Marvin needs a very specialized type of targeted therapy testing to determine which treatment is the most efficient. It is a personalized protocol where the cancer cells are tested against several different chemicals. The Laboratory is the  Wiesenthal Cancer Group in California

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The Creator

The Creator

There was once a guy who’s sole purpose in life was and still is to create. He was very prolific. Many songs, paintings, music writing and musings, all sounds positive doesn’t it? One major flaw with his method and madness. Continue reading

the consequences of a decision in a dark, dangerous bar


There wandering eyes found one another  in the flickering candlelit perfume thick air of what was just another pick up joint He NOTICED THAT SHE WAS EASILY OUTSTARING Him Their probing orbs seemed to be locked  in aVelcro vice like grip. That they just couldn’t tear away staring from one another.

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