One Bottle of Sutent Accomplished Thank You

Sutent Fund for Marin Kanarek 25mg per Pill Required

One bottle of Sutent has been accomplished in our drive. Thanks to all of you. We still need another one or two however. It costs $4,581.00 USD per bottle of 28 pills. If anyone has connections in the medical field or through your own network to acquire Sutent that would be amazing. Marvin needs the 25 mg dosage. Continue reading

The Marvin Kanarek Urgently Needs Sutent Cancer Fighting Drug Fund

Sutent 25 mg

Marvin Kanarek urgently needs a Cancer drug called Sutent. The initial regimen is 14 days on 7 days off for 4 cycles i.e. a total of 56 (25mg) pills, which will make a total of 2 bottles of Sutent. Each bottle is very expensive and costs $4,581.00 USD.

He will need 2 bottles which is 56 (25mg) tablets which is a total of $9162.00 USD.

The Pharmacy that supplies the Hospital has accepted a fund raising drive, where donors pay what they can and when the 1st bottle has been paid for i.e. $4,581.00 USD, they will contact the administrating Doctor Dr.Wiesman to commence the Chemo Therapy using the Sutent. When the second $4581.00 USD has been paid they will continue the therapy. It is important that the most time off is one week between each 14 day cycle x 4. 

Total Needed: $9162.00 USD. Continue reading